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The Range of Fitness Equipment we Offer

Treadmills are without a doubt one of the most popular items of home and commercial gym equipment, powered or motorised treadmills use a motor to move a belt, keeping the rate at which you walk, jog or run constant. Many motorised treadmills have powered incline adjustments. One of the main advantages of a motorised treadmill is that it's more challenging because it can go faster than you can, so you have to work harder to keep up.

At The Fit Zone we offer you a great range of Folding Treadmills - for those looking to save space and who may be on a budget. Non-Folding Treadmills - for those who have enough space for a treadmill, and Commercial Treadmills - for those who want a high quality treadmill with advanced features, similar to the standards you find in a gym.

Elliptical Cross Trainers
Cross trainers (also known as elliptical trainers) offer the same cardio benefits as treadmills but are low impact machines, i.e. your feet remain stationary which dramatically decreases stress placed on your joints. Cross trainers have adjustable resistance, sophisticated digital displays and are quiet in operation.

At The Fit Zone we offer Compact Elliptical Cross Trainers for those of you short of space and on a budget, Standard Elliptical Cross Trainers for those of you who have the space available. We also offer Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainers for those who want a high quality elliptical cross trainer similar to the ones you use at a gym

Exercise Bikes
Exercise Bikes (sometimes referred to as Exercise Cycles) are good for working the large muscles in the legs and of course they help burn calories. At Fitness Superstore we offer Upright Exercise Bikes which give you the feel of a pedal bike, Recumbent Exercise Bikes where you sit back and pedal, which places less strain on your back (good for those who have back injuries or problems with their lower backs). We also offer Commercial Exercise Bikes designed for those serious about biking and want the commercial quality of an exercise bike.

Rowing Machines
Rowing Machines have the advantage of using the entire body in a single, fluid motion. The seat on a rowing machine slides on rails and there are handles attached to stretchy cords that simulate the arm motion of using a paddle. Rowing is low impact and non-load bearing. At The Fit Zone we offer Air Rowing Machines such as the concept2 model, which is used in gyms throughout the world. Magnetic Rowing Machines that are silent in operation, and finally Water Rowing Machines - if you are serious about indoor rowing we suggest water rowing machines

Multi Gyms
Multi Gyms allow you to do various exercises on one piece of fitness equipment (multi), with different sections to let you concentrate on different muscle groups and body areas. The majority of multi gyms offer the same core exercises such as chest press, leg extension/curl and seated row. At Fitness Superstore we offer Compact Multi Gyms - for those short of space and on a budget. Standard Multi Gyms - for those of you who have the space a Multi Stack Multi Gyms for the advanced user who wants a multi gym similar to ones use at a gym

Boxing Equipment
We offer an extensive range of boxing equipment from Boxing Boots, Boxing Free Standing Equipment, Boxing Bags, Boxing Gloves, stands and brackets and much more . As well as being a market leader for fitness equipment and exercise equipment we excel in our supply of boxing necessities.

Gym Equipment
At The Fit Zone we offer the widest range of Gym Equipment, from Weight Benches, Smith Machines, Standard & Olympic Weights, Dumbbells & Bars, Multi Gyms, Power Racks, Leverage Machines and much more

Commercial Gym Equipment
At The Fit Zone we specialise in providing tailor made solutions to fit your needs and budget. Whether you are opening your own gymnasium, setting up a fitness suite at your workplace, refitting an existing facility or simply purchasing commercial fitness equipment for your home, our experienced team provide you with the expertise you need to feel 100% confident. To find out more Visit our Commercial Fitness Section.